Room Air Purification From Viruses

How to purify your in-house air?

The indoor air quality in most houses is worse than the outrood air quality! That’s true. And the worst part is it is affecting your health and the health of your lovely family.

Our house is our shelter, it must be as clean and as healthy as possible.

So let’s purify its air, which will positively affect our mental, spiritual and physical health.

Very easy, simple yet effective old japanese recipe

The rooms air especially where we stay most of the time can be disinfected easily.

This procedure is very effective, and proven to work.

3 Steps to a better indoor air quality:

1. Take a clove of garlic and softly clean it.
2. Burn the stalk with the peel of the cloves in a fireproof container
3. Let it smolder.

That’s it. Congratulations.

You’ll find the smoke unpleasant, but don’t worry.. It is very effective for purifying the air and preventing of cold and other diseases, and helps healing lots of diseases by inhaling pure and oxygenated air.

Another good way, is to use air filters or purifiers to help keep air clean and refreshing inside your house.

Bonus: If you are a smoker, say no to smoking in your home. If guests or family members want to smoke, ask them to go outside.

Finally, please share this with your relatives so they can purify their air too. Share because you care.